Picasso Tiles 50 PieceMagnetic Marble Run

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Magnetic Marble Run Track enhances child brain development through play. The quick-connecting, magnetized, vibrant color tiles allow children to intuitively construct their designs simply while promoting problem-solving, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills— all while playing!

OPEN-ENDED POSSIBILITIES - Contains vibrant, colorful, and translucent magnetic piece building blocks and tiles that connect intuitively to allow frustration-free playtime, hand-eye coordination, motor skill training, and child brain development. Equipped with different geometric shapes, including columns, slopes, slides, funnels, U-turns, and steel-weighted marbles, the 3-D race track allows multi-layer designs that enable children to stimulate their imagination.

BPA-FREE & NON-TOXIC - child safe and lead safe.

Recommended Age: 3yr +

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Picasso Tiles 50 PieceMagnetic Marble Run

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