Picasso Tiles Light-Up Marbles (Set of 4)

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Creativity beyond imagination - PicassoTiles marble run bright translucent glow colorful race in the dark marble add-on accessory toy set fosters problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, educational stem logic training, and child brain development. The vibrant glow-in-the-dark motion-activated led light-up marbles add colorful lights as they shine through magnet tiles perfect for preschool, elementary, kindergarten, pretend play, group activity, and classroom teamwork. Learning is fun - our toys encourage creativity and stem learning, a key factor to success in today's ever-changing environment. Roll the colorful led marbles down the translucent building magnet tiles for endless fun satisfying entertainment!

4 pack colorful luminous motion activated led glow in the dark light up a marble (red, blue, yellow, green)

Recommended Age: 3yr +

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Picasso Tiles Light-Up Marbles (Set of 4)

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