Outdoor Exploration Set

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Explore the amazing world of bugs and insects - without ever touching them!

The cleverly designed bug vacuum easily sucks up specimens and drops them directly into a sturdy storage container with a flip top that's easy to open and close and lets in plenty of air.

Use the magnifying glass to get a clear view of all the amazing details. Use the tweezers to easily manage your specimens and their habitats. Use the bug net to easily catch flying bugs like butterflies, fireflies, dragonflies, and more.

And when it's time to get going, all the accessories attach to the handy accessory clip.

Kidoozie Outdoor Exploration Set
  • Set of tools for catching and observing bugs
  • Encourages outdoor play, scientific learning, an interest in entomology
  • Vacuum features 2 power settings, deposits insects directly into a storage container
  • View all the amazing details through the magnifying glass
  • Use tweezers to safely and easily manage specimens
  • Catching flying bugs with the net
  • Includes bug vacuum, storage container, magnifying glass, tweezers, bug net, accessory clip
  • Requires 4 AA batteries - Not included
  • Quality materials and construction

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    Outdoor Exploration Set

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