Mermaid Glimmer Skirt w/Tiara, Lilac/Blue, Size 5- 6

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The gorgeous mermaid skirt features holographic dimensional scales which make it shimmer and shine with every turn.  With its iridescent foil print and shimmery soft tulle fins, this skirt is a real gem, and yes, it is machine washable!   

The tiara is comfortable and flexible with a bit of bend to it.  The band is covered in soft fabric and there is no pinching behind the ears. The gems are encased in golden frames and embellished with pearls and a starfish as its crown centerpiece. 

This set is beautiful and a fashionable way to be under the sea!

Recommended Age: Size 5-6

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Mermaid Glimmer Skirt w/Tiara, Lilac/Blue, Size 5-6

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