Limón Soñando - Citrus Candles

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This sweet lemon candle will sure add a pop of brightness to your home or table. 

The focus of this candle is not for burning but for decorative purposes. If you do decide to burn the candle, read the info below.

Soy Wax Candle Burn time: 30 mins - 1hr

The candle is about 2.5 in — 2.75 in

Each Lemon is hand-poured, and candle color may vary slightly

Natural Coated, Cotton braided wick

Hand-poured in The Bronx, NYC

---- Each candle is wrapped with tissue paper in a gift box for extra cushion and protection. All candle packaging includes a candle warning label and label sticker.

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Limón Soñando - Citrus Candles

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