Celestial Waters Aura Spray

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An Aura Spray specially formulated to cleanse, heal, protect & strengthen one’s connection with Spirit.

This loving & living blend contains:

- Rose for self-love, setting healthy boundaries & trusting in the Divine Feminine.

- Celestial Amber for love, wealth & fortune attraction ; as well as tapping into & increasing connection to healing & the Divine Feminine.

- Frankincense for easing anxiety, increasing spiritual connection & promoting mental clarity.

- Spearmint for mental clarity & power, as well as cleansing & uplifting auric energy & mood.

- Sweetgrass for grounding, connecting to & healing with Earth’s medicine ; as well as incorporating sweetness into one’s energy & spiritual practice.

- Butterfly Pea Flower for calming the nervous system, boosting mental power & neurological strength, as well as promoting antioxidant benefits & self-love.

- Clear Quartz for energetic amplification & cleansing.

Suggested Use: Intuitively mist wherever you’d like a sweet shift of energy, a boost in spiritual connection, protection, clarity and/or a quick & intentional cleansing. For use on spaces, tools, head & body. Be sure to address the heart, third eye, Crown & back of neck (esu ni baco/Mouth of God).

2 oz

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Celestial Waters Aura Spray

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