Roote Vegan Body Lotion

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Vegan body lotion by Roote. Hand crafted with highly nourishing botanicals and oils such as coconut, sunflower and olive oil to provide just the right amount of moisture for everyday use. 8 oz in reusable glass amber bottle. 

  • Oatmeal Milk and Honey | mixed with crushed oatmeal flakes are the perfect concoction for smooth skin. 
  • Lavender | With its endless healing properties and alluring aroma, there is no doubt why Lavender has been used for centuries. 
  • Almond Coconut | Roasted almonds blended with tropical coconuts. This lotion is sweet and refreshing. 
  • Stress Relief | A fine balance of eucalyptus and spearmint blended to help clear the mind, soothe and uplift.
  • Naked | No frills, no thrills. Our nourishing best selling body lotion is now available naked. For those with sensitive skin, fragrance intolerance, or just want a pure unscented lotion you've found your match. 

Made in Port Jefferson, NY

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Roote Vegan Body Lotion
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