Bathtime Crayons

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This 6-pack of colorful bathtime crayons is a popular bathtime toy. Each pack of crayons comes with 6 1.5-inch crayons in yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and purple. Crayons are secured in easy-to-grip 3-inch plastic crayon holders and are suitable for drawing on the sides of the tub and shower walls. Made from safe, nontoxic materials for worry-free fun. 


  •  Create masterpieces on the tub, tile or toy, the color goes on easy and washes off with simple water

  • 6 vibrant colors to create just the right look

  • Completely non-toxic and water soluble, non-staining, it just rinses right out

  • A great gift for boys and girls 3 years and up


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Bathtime Crayons

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