Raaka Chocolate Bar

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Best selling chocolate bars from Brooklyn-based Chocolatiers, Raaka Chocolate.

1.8 oz bards available in 6 flavors.

Pink Sea Salt: A little bit of salt brings out just the right amount of fruity, sweet notes in this house blend of cacao from the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. 

Bourbon Cask Ages: A single origin Tanzanian cacao is aged in bourbon casks for two months, creating a deeply nuanced bar with a cocktail-like vibe: oaky and smooth, with a hint of cherry cordial on the finish. 

Green Tea Crunch: Toasty genmaicha green tea-infused dark chocolate filled with crispy quinoa for a comforting adult treat with a nostalgic crunch.

Maple and Nibs: Maple sugar and unroasted cacao for a rich, warm duo with deep fudge flavor. Toasted nibs add an addictive crunch. This bar reminds us of a pecan brownie. Pair it with a coffee or a good glass of whatever milk we're all drinking these days. 

Oat Milk Chocolate Bar: Made with Peruvian cacao, oats, pure maple sugar, toasted coconut, and a dash of vanilla bean.

Ginger Snap: Steam Tanzanian cacao over a house-made ginger tea and steep more ginger in cocoa butter, along with allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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