TruBee Whipped Honey

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Whipped honey also is called "creamed" or "spun" honey. It is unprocessed honey that's been whipped to a spreadable texture. (We call it Tennessee Snow — it rarely snows in our neck of the woods, so we have to make our own!) The color of the product changes a little, since it's whiter with a light honey, but the taste is always sweet and addictive. Use it on toast, biscuits or cinnamon rolls. This honey also can be stirred into hot drinks. 

Tennessee Snow whipped honey:  This honey is a tribute to our sense of place. While we’re not from Nashville, we love it here. We’d love it more with a little bit of snow in the winter … so we just made our own. Our creamed honey (also called spun honey or whipped honey) is perfect as an all-natural topping on cinnamon rolls, toast and even stirred into tea. We also have two new versions of this product, one with organic cinnamon and one with lavender (brand new June 2019!). 

Cinnamon whipped honey: Hello, Peanut Butter Sandwiches! The only difference from our regular whipped honey is we add pure, organic Saigon cinnamon. The texture is the same, only it has a bright, energizing cinnamon kick.  

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TruBee Whipped Honey

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