Shea Brand | Electric Daisy Brightening Exfoliant

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Contains 50 m g of C B D

Highlight ingredients: White willow bark extract, Green tea extract, Lipsomol Vitamin C, Omega 3&6 enriched rose-hip oil.

This creamy exfoliant combines ultra-fine volcanic ash with highly effective natural ingredients to keep your skin clear and nourished. White willow bark and green tea extract work to brighten and even out skin tone, while volcanic ash exfoliates and cleanses. Ingredients like liposomal Vitamin C from lemon peel and Omega 3&6 enriched rosehip oil help keep your skin hydrated and balanced.

This product also contains Electric Daisy, a stimulating medicinal plant that is known for giving a tingly sensation when consumed orally or added to skincare, and is sometimes referred to as a “natural botox” (it’s traditionally a tooth numbing agent). When added to skincare it results in a powerful tightening effect.

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Shea Brand | Electric Daisy Brightening Exfoliant

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