Hearth & Hammer 2oz Travel Candle

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The short story version to Hearth and Hammer's larger soy candles!



Walden Woods. Whether you’re a dreamer, a schemer or just a plain forest lover, this complex blend of cedar, fir and pine is guaranteed to whisk you away to a day in the forest  (Inspired by Walden) 

Signal FireA warm mixture of leather, tobacco, amber and musk to make you feel like you’re on an abandoned island with adventure and danger lurking around in every corner. (Inspired by "Lord of the Flies") 

Burning BooksBurn candles not books. This candle is packed with cinnamon orange heat. Smells like you're sitting by a fire reading your favorite banned book. (Inspired by "Fahrenheit 451") 

Open RoadWander across America’s ghost towns and feel the meadow grass on your bare feet. Open Road is a clean, summery scent. (Inspired by "On the Road") 

Moonlit MoorsA lovely mixture of violet, orris and musk flower combine to create a sweet overtone to a bodied musk, reminiscent of a dark night spent pining for your one true love.  (Inspired by "Wuthering Heights") 

The Green Light | A lovely smell of ocean air, musk and earthy vanilla. You can just imagine standing at the harbor’s edge staring longingly over the bay at the green light blinking on and off, day and night. (Inspired by "The Great Gatsby") 

The Scarlet Letter | A seductive, sweetly dark scent of wild red roses and black currant. Inspired by “The Scarlet Letter”

Long Winter's NapWith warm notes of cinnamon, vanilla and woody clove it is the perfect way to warm up after a cold evening walk in the snow. (Inspired by "A Visit from St. Nicholas" aka "Twas the Night Before Christmas" 

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Hearth & Hammer 2oz Travel Candle

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