EKOBO | Kids Bamboo Trio Cutlery Set

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Created for growing hands, EKOBO's set is desgined for kids 4 and up who are beginning to replicate cutting and eating with a knife and fork. EKOBO's Kids's cutlery includes a fork, a knife and a spoon.

This Cutlery Set is made using EKOBO's trademarked and unique formula, BIOBU® Bamboo fibre eco-composite. BIOBU® consists of FSC-certified, eco-friendly bamboo fiber bound with non-toxic, food-grade melamine. All our products are BPA-, PVC-, and phthalates-free, lightweight, and chip-resistant. Design: Kai Linke & Hanna Ernsting for EKOBO.

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EKOBO | Kids Bamboo Trio Cutlery Set
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