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Brew Tea Company, a family run business based in Manchester UK, founded in 2012 with one aim – to bring top notch, whole leaf tea to as many drinkers as possible.

Lemon & Ginger: A warming mix of spice and citrus, this blend does exactly what it says on the tin. A mixture of fiery flavors and super citrus. Herby, fiery & easily able to blow the cobwebs away.

Yunnan Greena gentle, grassy green that's good on its own and great in iced tea. This savory blend is grassy & smooth, not too bitter. To get the best out of this leaf, keep an eye on your brewing temperature - a quarter cold water into your tea pot is just right.

Chaia malty assam with traditional 'masala' spices – cinnamon, ginger and pepper.

English Breakfast Indian assam tea blended with light, fresh ceylon tea

Moroccan Mint:  a strong, robust gunpowder green tea blended with super-minty peppermint leaves

Earl Grey bright, woody ceylon tea is infused with bergamot oil and blended with orange peel

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Brew Company Tea
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