Granola Lab Small Batch Granola (mini)

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Granola Lab's unique inventions are all-natural, preservative-free, and include many organic ingredients. Never too sweet, their varieties are bold, super flavorful, and full of healthy nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Each flavor is a perfect topping for yogurt, applesauce, fresh fruit, ice cream and more.

2 oz bags

Made in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Mediterranean Mix Sesame, almonds, pistachios, figs, date molasses and cardamom combine for a nutty, savory granola that’s surprisingly low in sugar. 

Cranberry Cashew Compound Two kinds of sweet dried cranberries, hearty cashews, almonds, cloves and pepitas.

Activation Energy A mix of coffee, dark chocolate, and hazelnuts that packs a tasty punch.

Elemental Formula pecans, sunflower seeds, and divinely sweet maple syrup from Vermont's Deep Mountain Maple juxtaposed with zesty orange extract. 

Get Gingersnapping Allspice, home-made organic ginger syrup, organic blackstrap molasses, and crystallized ginger.

Tropical Utopium Sweet bursts of pineapple, papaya, and toasted coconut are the stand-out stars, while whole grains and seeds play solid supporting roles.

Made in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

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