Granola Lab Small Batch Granola (full size)

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Granola Lab's unique inventions are all-natural, preservative-free, and include many organic ingredients. Never too sweet, their varieties are bold, super flavorful, and full of healthy nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Each flavor is a perfect topping for yogurt, applesauce, fresh fruit, ice cream and more.

14 oz bags

Made in Sunset Park, Brooklyn


Mediterranean Mix Sesame, almonds, pistachios, figs, date molasses and cardamom combine for a nutty, savory granola that’s surprisingly low in sugar. 

Cranberry Cashew Compound Two kinds of sweet dried cranberries, hearty cashews, almonds, cloves and pepitas.

Activation Energy A mix of coffee, dark chocolate, and hazelnuts that packs a tasty punch.

Elemental Formula pecans, sunflower seeds, and divinely sweet maple syrup from Vermont's Deep Mountain Maple juxtaposed with zesty orange extract. 


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